Grade 4

The Year 4 program will give students the opportunity to develop, improve and extend their knowledge in all areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

The English program aims to further develop in students:

  • An ability to speak, listen, read, comprehend, write with purpose, enjoyment and confidence
  • An understanding of the different purposes for reading and writing
  • An appreciation of different types of texts

The Year 4 program will give students the opportunity to develop, improve, refine and extend their knowledge and skills in all areas of Maths - Number and Algebra, Measurement and Goemetry, Statistics and Probability. They will have opportunities to apply their skills to real life experiences.

The Maths program aims to assist students to:

  • Develop confidence and competence with a variety of mathematical skills
  • Build upon their existing knowledge and skills
  • Learn new mathematical skills and use them when solving problems
  • Apply maths skills in every day situations

This year, grade 4 students will study five main topics. The topics to be studied are:

  • Classroom Community
  • What does it mean to be Australian?
  • Why does it matter what we eat?
  • How does the way we live affect all living things?
  • Forces and Movement
Kings Park follows the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program. This program outlines a whole school approach aimed at developing the necessary values and social skills for effective communication within the school and in the community. The program is supported in grades through a range of activities, role-play, discussion and games.

The school's core values which are learning, responsibility, tolerance and getting along are explicitly taught in the unit of study, Classroom Community. These continue to be reviewed throughout the year.

The grade 4s are also involved in a Buddy Program where each student is paired up with a student from the grade 2 area. Students are involved in a range of activities that help promote the four core values. 


As part of the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships Program and inquiry based program, guest speakers, incursions and excursions are planned to support learning.

Parents are welcome to assist with class activities and excursions. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child, please make a mutually convenient time to meet with the class teacher outside of class teaching time.