Lote Japanese

Teacher: Kana Sakai

Dear 2018 families of Prep N and Prep V,

The prep students have created a movie of their Japanese learning journal.  We were showing it in the Open Week, but apparently the classroom computers of Prep N and Prep V were not compatible to operate the movie.  For those families who missed the video, we have now uploaded the movie online. You can click the following link and you can enjoy it anytime. 



LOTE  (Japanese)

In the LOTE program (Languages other than English) throughout of the year students participate in a range of activites to develop both an understanding of the Japanese language and cultural awareness. Students engage in activities such as:



* Learning how to write Hiragana alphabet.




* Making Oni masks for the  Japanese Setsubun festival.




* Playing game to practice how to recognise Japanese Kanji numbers.




* Researching and working to create their PowerPoint presentation about Japanese cities.


* Making Origami Hina dolls for Japanese Hina doll festival (Girls' festival).





A feature of the Japanese LOTE program is the reciprocal educational exchange program with our sister school, Tenma-Cho Elementary School situated in Shizuoka Japan.
A group of students and staff from Kings Park visited them in Japan in October 2017. And this year we will host 6 students from Tenma-cho Elementary School in July.


*A photo from 2015 visit. KPPS students participating in the local festival in Shizuoka, Japan.