Lote Japanese

Teacher: Kana Sakai Sensei


2021 Online learning activities

Prep/ Grade 1

routine video  
     -Let's practice the basic words using the following video! 







 Let's count 1-10 together with the bunny in the video. 


Now let's count cars, sheep, bags and more!



Japanese number chart 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Grade 1 only: Colours


Grade 1 only: Another way to count 1-10



Grade 2, 3, 4 



Practice Hiragana



Hiragana A I U E O 



Grade 3+4 Hiragana 
You can practice how to write each Hiragana at the page below. 

You can revise the Setsubun festival on this video. 

Grade 5/6

You can practice how to read Hiragana depending on your level.  You can learn only the ones for your own level, or if you want to move up higher levels, you are welcome to keep practicing more Hiragana of other levels as well. 
You can also play Hiragana shooting game on the following link to check your reading skill.  http://www.easyjapanese.org/invaders.html


Completed Hiragana chart

Level 1.  All the basic Hiragana (red/blue/yellow/ green belts)
You can practice through the above chart and following videos.





Level 2.  Advanced Hiragana 1: tenten and maru  (brown belt)

You can use the completed chart above to learn those letters and also the following videos.


Level 3.  Advanced Hiragana 2: combination Hiragana with small ya yu yo (Black belt)
You can use the completed chart above to learn those letters and also the following videos.




LOTE  (Japanese)

In the LOTE program (Languages other than English) throughout of the year students participate in a range of activites to develop both an understanding of the Japanese language and cultural awareness. Students engage in activities such as:



* Learning how to write Hiragana alphabet.




* Making Oni masks for the  Japanese Setsubun festival.




* Playing game to practice how to recognise Japanese Kanji numbers.




* Researching and working to create their PowerPoint presentation about Japanese cities.


* Making Origami Hina dolls for Japanese Hina doll festival (Girls' festival).





A feature of the Japanese LOTE program is the reciprocal educational exchange program with our sister school, Tenma-Cho Elementary School situated in Shizuoka Japan.
A group of students and staff from Kings Park visited them in Japan in October 2017. And this year we will host 6 students from Tenma-cho Elementary School in July.


*A photo from 2015 visit. KPPS students participating in the local festival in Shizuoka, Japan.