Kings Patch

The school garden was established  to enable all  students to have hands on experience with growing plants and bringing food to the table from the garden.

We have a Multicultural Aide who works with the students running regular sessions across all year levels. 

Students in groups are involved in a wide variety of aspects of gardening such as planting, watering and caring for plants.

They learn about sustainable living - things such as composting, life cycles and biodiversity are discussed in these sessions.

All students from Grade Prep to Grade 6 enjoy the experiences in Kings Patch.

Manabiya - Environmental Learning Centre/ Cooking
Manabiya is a learning centre specifically designed and built to cater for classes in the school environmental learning program.
The students bring in  plants and items from the garden and are engaged in related discussions and activities.
Students then use the plants from the garden to cook a meal  to enjoy together.
The students make connections with the garden and home life.