Grade 6


  1. Writing: Information, Explanation, Narrative, Reflective and Persuasive.
  2. Reading: Guided writing and reading, Book Clubs, Reading Journal entries, punctuation / Grammar.
  3. Speaking & Listening: Presentations and Debates


In Numeracy grade 6 students work through the following areas:

  • Number & Algebra - e.g. multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, fractions etc
    Measurement & Geometry - e.g. 2D and 3D shapes e.g. area, perimeter, volume, capacity etc
    Statisitics and probability - e.g. ordering the likely hood of events etc

    The following is practised regularly:
  • Mental calculation of sums involving any of the four operations (+, -, ?, X)

In Inquiry grade 6 students cover the following topics:
Healthy, Wealthy Me


Colonisation of Australia

Our place in space

What's Happening to Me?


The program enables students to become independent and responsible learners while developing their thinking skills.

Information Technology
Each student has access to a device to use during class time.  An important component of the ICT program is cybersafety and students learn how to behave responsibly and respectfully whilst being online. Grades are also resourced with a SMART interactive Board. The platform Google classroom also enables students to upload tasks where teachers and peers can provide real time feedback on learning.

Mindfulness/leadership program    
Through the Bluearth program, students are trained to become leaders where they closely work with the Preps. This allows the students to enhance their leadership skills and understand that movement is important to live and work well.  

Junior School Council


Students are selected by their peers to represent their school community. They are involved in:
  • planning and organising activities and competitions
  • conducting whole school assembly
  • assisting teachers on request

Homework may be sent home if students have not completed tasks at school or practise a skill learnt at school. On occasions, students will also be given set homework to complete.

Graduation/ Transition
The students will participate in a formal graduation in Term 4. Grade 6 students also work closely with the nearby high-schools to help assist the students into the transition to year 7.

Excursions/ Incursions
Excursions and Incursions will be organised related to the units of work.
Notes will be sent home at the appropriate time.
Term 1: Sailing, Values Incursion 

Term 2: Healthy Harold, History Box

Term 3: GTAC science based incursions
Term 4: Values for life, Healthy Harold, Big Day Out and camp