School Information

Our schooling philosophy

At Kings Park Primary School we hold high expectations for our students and are committed to their well-being as well as their academic progress. Each student is encouraged in a caring and secure environment to achieve their personal best.

“Closing the gap, raising the bar, expanding horizons” This statement encapsulates our school’s core purpose and direction. The school is united and relentless in its pursuit to ensure that every student maximises their learning to achieve an acceptable Literacy and Numeracy standard. Our school’s primary focus is on the acquisition, consolidation and extension of fundamental Literacy and Numeracy skills. We are indeed fortunate to have a staff committed to implementing the very best educational practise.

All students enrolled at Kings Park Primary School have the right to feel safe and be safe. The wellbeing of children in our care will always be our first priority and we do not and will not tolerate child abuse. We aim to create a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children are free to enjoy life without any concern for their safety. There is particular attention paid to the most vulnerable children, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and children with a disability.

At Kings Park we have adopted the following guiding principles for the development and implementation of school policies and programs.

  • Prepare the students for their future
  • Encourage students to become independent learners, learning how to think and how to learn and to use information and learning technology as a tool to enhance learning
  • Be committed to students achieving high academic standards and taking pride in their achievements
  • Provide a learning environment that is safe, supportive and friendly
  • Encourage an awareness of individual rights including the rights of others
  • Encourage recognition and respect for individual and cultural differences
  • Encourage and provide open communication channels within the school organisation and the wider community
  • Practise consultative management
  • Encourage a vibrant culture of continuous development and growth

In the implementation of these principles our school provides:

  • Opportunities for the greatest possible development for each student;
  • For different rates and styles which individuals develop in their learning;
  • An ordered, structured yet stimulating environment that facilitates learning.

The core curriculum
The Principal and teaching staff are responsible for developing and implementing curriculum programs according to the School’s Strategic Plan, school policy and Department of Education and Early Childhood Development guidelines. A balanced curriculum is planned so that all students experience a range of studies and activities during their primary years.

School curriculum programs are founded on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards that has been developed for use in all Victorian Government schools. At Kings Park, we use these guidelines to develop and implement teaching & learning programs that emphasise the relationship and interdependence between the key learning areas. The school core essential learning areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities (Geography, History, Economics)
  • Science
  • Information and communications Technology
  • Language other than English (LOTE) - Japanese
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts
  • Sport and physical development
  • Health and personal development

Our school motto is “Learn to Live” and our school vision is “By the time, students leave Year 6 at Kings Park Primary we believe that they should have the ability to access information, utilise skills and possess values to be independent communicators and life long learners.”