Updated Information: 15th February 2021


All students who can learn at home must learn at home on Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.  

Your child would have received a hard copy paper work pack and a variety of resources on Friday afternoon. These work packs will be sufficient for 3 days ensuring all students can complete a minimum of 1 hour of literacy, 1 hour of numeracy and an hour of other curriculum based content each day. Devices will not be required during this short term lockdown.


Attached below is a link to the planner for this week, Week 4 - Term 1, to assist you and your child with remote learning.


Remote Learning T1W4 2021

School leadership and administration staff will be onsite on Monday 15th to answer any questions and for the collection of work packs for students who were absent from school on Friday. Your child’s classroom teacher will also contact you today to support you and your child with the completion of work packs and to check on any other needs that you may have.

Please contact the school administration office on 93676555 if you have any questions or concerns.


Links to resources to assist with remote learning



Please click on the link below to access all of our Prep Teaching and Learning videos.



Additional resources:




Alphabet - Letters & sounds (Cued Articulation)

Ant's on the Apple 

Tricky Words

Sight Words Song, Popcorn Words

2 Letter Words

3 Letter Words

Term 1 Sight Words

Term 2 Sight Words


Gigglebox Stories






Interactive Numbers Chart

Macerena count to 100

The Big Number Song

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Shapes Song

Counting Backwards from 20

Subitise up to 5

Subitise to 10

Subitise with a pirate

Doubles Doubles (1 - 5)

Location teacher explanation:


Location for kids


Comparing Mass


Physical Education

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