Staff are committed to providing every student the support and opportunities to improve their learning outcomes. Students' are engaged with fun warm up games, then challenged with plenty of hands on activities and open ended problems. Activities are related to students real life experiences in order to give meaning to the content they are learning.



Numeracy teaching at KPPS is based on AUS VELS (the Victorian Essential Learning Standards).

Standards in the Mathematics domain are organised in five dimensions:

  • Number & Algebra (eg counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

  • Space  (eg shape and location)

  • Geometry, Chance and Data  (length, mass, area & perimeter, volume &capacity, chance & probability, data analysis)

  • Structure (mathematical systems and structures, sets, logic, functions and algebra)

  • Working mathematically (mathematical inquiry: problem posing, problem solving, modelling and investigating)


Creating Mathematical Thinkers

  • Students are enagaed in meaningful activities aimed at linking mathemaitics with real life problems;

  • Students solve probelms by applying and buiding on existing skills and knowledge;

  • Students are encouraged to verbalise and explain their strategies;

  • They share their work with their peers and evaluate their successes and challenges.

    Engaging students with a warm up game.


    A Juniors location lesson based on the story of Rosie's walk. Giving practical application to numeracy concepts using stories and real life concepts allows students to make connections with their learning.


    Students work independently to solve problems with hands on materials.

    Students measuring length using concrete materials. KPPS has ensured every classroom has access to all of the materials they require to support students in their learning.

    Students work in groups, partnerships or as individuals, depending on the activities they are undertaking.

    Share time gives students the opportunity to dicuss their discoveries using the language of maths to clarify and consolodate their understandings.

    Juniors are counting the number of days they have been at school this year. A practical way of linking place value with a real life context.