Transition Program

This year Kings Park Primary School will conduct its successful school transition program for enrolled 2023 Prep students. The program  is called  “Starting School” and will commence during term 3.



Our “Starting School” Program provides the opportunity for 2023 Prep enrolled children to experience their future school environment so it becomes a familiar place for when they start school next year.

The program is conducted by experienced Early Years teachers and aims to provide a smooth transition from Kinder to school with the students becoming familiar with their future school environment, as well as school routines.


The students participate in a variety of early Literacy and Numeracy activities to prepare them for their transition to school. The program also incorporates visits to specialist areas such as Visual Arts and Performing Arts and in the upcoming weeks the students will also be visiting the Prep  classrooms.


In addition to our Starting School program, we also invite parents with their child to attend a transition interview in November, where we can answer any questions you may have about our school programs. 


The program has been well received by parents with over 98% of enrolled students attending the weekly “Starting School” sessions. 

 For enrolment enquiries please call  93676555.