Medication/ Accident and Illness/ Infectious Diseases


Some students attending school need medication to control illnesses such as asthma. All medication must be supplied in a container that clearly identifies the medicine, shows the name of the chemist, the name of the child, the dose to be taken and the time the medication is to be given. Before medication can be given, parents need to consult with the office staff and complete a school medication proforma.

The school medication proforma must be completed before staff can be authorised to administer any medication. Parents should note that their written approval is also required for the staff to administer medication.


Accident and Illness

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell, as we do not have the facilities or personnel to cope with sick students.

In the first instance school staff attend to emergencies and administer simple first aid. School policy requires that if further treatment is required a parent or an emergency contact be notified. The school is only equipped to apply first aid for superficial injuries.


Infectious Diseases


A child must be excluded from school if suffering from any of the following infectious diseases:


Until at least 5 days from the appearance of rash or until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection.


Until fully recovered or at least 5 days after the onset of the rash.


Until discharge from eyes has ceased.


Until diarrhoea ceases.


Until fully recovered.


Until fully recovered, or at least 7 days after the eruption first appears.


Until 2 weeks after the onset of illness and until receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection.


Until appropriate treatment has commenced, supported when requested by a medical certificate.


Same as for Ringworm. (Please tie long hair back in a ponytail or plaits).


Until sores have fully healed or are, being treated and kept covered.