Lote Japanese


Teacher: Kana Sakai

LOTE  (Japanese) Program

In the LOTE program (Languages other than English) throughout of the year students participate in a range of activites to develop both an understanding of the Japanese language and cultural awareness. Students engage in activities such as:

* Learning how to write Hiragana alphabet.


* Making Oni masks for the  Japanese Setsubun festival.


* Playing game to practice how to recognise Japanese Kanji numbers.


* Researching and working to create their PowerPoint presentation about Japanese cities.

* Making Origami Hina dolls for Japanese Hina doll festival (Girls' festival).



A feature of the Japanese LOTE program is the reciprocal educational exchange program with our sister school, Tenma-Cho Elementary School situated in Shizuoka Japan.
A group of students and staff from Kings Park visited them in Japan in October 2017. And this year we will host 6 students from Tenma-cho Elementary School in July.


*A photo from 2015 visit. KPPS students participating in the local festival in Shizuoka, Japan.